Man Claims Bank Gave Him $1,400 In Counterfeit Bills Which Don’t Work When Paying A Mortgage

Believe us when we say using Monopoly money in the real world is a sure way to fail. And even if your money isn’t hued funny, if it’s fake, it won’t fly. One man is blaming a local bank for his counterfeit woes, claiming he was given $1,400 in fake $100 bills. He can’t pay his mortgage with that stuff, putting him in a tight spot.

WBZ-TV in Boston spoke to the man who said he cashed his paycheck at Sovereign Bank on Saturday and pocketed the $1,800 in cash as well as a receipt.

Then he took his business to Citizens Bank where he has an account and tried to deposit the money. That was a no-go, after the teller said 14 of his bills were counterfeit. He claims those are the same exact $100s he got from Sovereign Bank, so he shouldn’t be held at fault.

Sovereign Bank says it “began an internal review immediately and are assisting authorities in their investigation.”

Meanwhile, Citizens Bank has also taken action, as it is “required by law to confiscate and report to the United States Secret Service any suspected counterfeit notes that are presented to us. The Secret Service determines if the notes are counterfeit or if they are legitimate and can be returned.”

While those two banks and the Secret Service sort things out, the man says he’s struggling with the bulk of his paycheck in limbo. He says he’s worried about being treated with suspicion and just wants the money he earned.

If his claims turn out to be true, that means someone got away with handing over fake cash to the bank, which is a pretty big deal. Even the guy at my corner convenience store holds my $20s under a black light to make sure I’m on the up-and-up, and he knows my mother.

Westborough Man Told Bank Gave Him Counterfeit Bills [WBZ-TV Boston]

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