No One At Snapfish Knows How To Upload A Photo That Won’t Be Cropped

Gil was under the impression that a company that lets you print photo books would actually let him add in his own collages without cropping the heck out of them. Not so fast, Gil! He wrote in to let us know that his issues with the Snapfish book-making interface were bad, but his problems with the company’s customer service were even worse. He worked on a book of his pictures from his sister’s wedding, laying out the pages in collages and taking a lot of care to do so. The Snapfish software cropped his photos very severely, and no one in customer service could help him. His book got delayed long past his holiday deadline.

I decided to make a photobook for my mother and sister of pictures from my sister recent wedding. As I am a hobbyist with photos and photoshop I made some very modern style collages of the photos. I knew I was planning on doing an 8 by 11 standard book so I designed each page specifically to fit that. After days of working on the photos addressing every detail I was ready to print.

I add my photos to snapfish and upload them to the album to make each photo one full page. Well unfortunately that is where the drama began. Apparently the photo will be cropped and I will lose a considerable portion of the photos (considerable being that every detail has a purpose including the backgrounds). I attempted to both chat and talk to their Indian support staff. I say this because there was a lot of communication issues. This took me hours of extremely frustrating conversations with reps to supervisors. They told me every excuse in the book from it barely crops anything, to it cant be done, they also edited my photos repeatedly trying to convince me they did it even though it was blatantly cropped. Each conversation ended with we will send this to another department and you will hear back in 24 hrs.

Of course no responses and i would follow up usually after 24-48 hours. All I asked is the dimension to make a photo so it would not be cropped. This all seemed pretty basic to me but after a month now of back and forth and obviously missing the deadline to get it done in time for the holidays I am still getting the same nonsense that we are working on it and will respond to you in 24 hours.

I have even managed to get some one at corporate to contact me and assist me even though they have not accomplished anything. All in all after speaking with many people who have had a large amount of issues dealing with snapfish including missing deadlines for the holidays and extremely rude reps who have trouble communicating it’s time to move on to the next company…

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