McDonald’s Flirting With Deep-Fried Chicken Wings

McNuggets, you might have a little brother soon, so get used to the idea of not being an only child anymore. While McDonald’s is rolling out its whole “look at us we’re very healthy” menu of low-calories items, the company is simultaneously dipping delicious chicken wings into vats of fried oil and testing out the results on customers in Atlanta.

The chain is reportedly testing Mighty Wings, which it served during the 1990s as well at certain points, and also had on the menu in Australia and Spain.

Test though they may, a spokeswoman says not to get your hopes up that they’ll show up in your town.

“There are no plans to roll these out nationally. This local market test reflects our desire to meet customer needs on a local level,” she said, according to the Los Angeles Times.

We’ve seen the small-scale test go nationwide in the past, however (bacon sundae, anyone? Perhaps a taco with a Doritos shell rings a bell?) so we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

If anyone gets their hands on a few of these, please feel free to let us know how they taste/look/feel/sound by sending an email to

McDonald’s tests deep-fried chicken wings [Los Angeles Times]

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