Toys R Us Keeps Canceling Orders, Ignoring Customers

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Sure, some hiccups in the ordering and delivery process are to be expected at a toy store during the toy-buying-frenzy that is the holiday season. You’d think, though, that Toys ‘R’ Us would be aware that their business picks up quite a bit in the winter, and would prepare for this kind of thing. If our mailbox is any indication, not so. They’re canceling orders and leaving customers on hold for extended periods. At least they aren’t canceling all of these orders a few days before Christmas?

Reader Eric writes:

My order wasn’t from Cyber Monday but actually several weeks ago – I believe it was November 5. Right from the time of my order the status said the main item was “located in stock.” However, they were unable to ship it for no apparent reason.

Fast forward to this week and they first cancelled the item from my order, then notified me a day later. I had initially found out simply because I was checking the order status through their web site. It’s one of the worst online shopping experiences I can imagine.

Last week, Kelly wrote:

In my case, I ordered ten items, some of them for in store pickup, and they cancelled four of them, possibly negating the special offers I had on my order. I honestly don’t know how much they’re going to charge my credit card – and it appears no one else knows either. Many others are having similar problems with their promotions.

I could EECB, but at this point, it seems there’s many people in the same situation I am. Unless there’s a drastic improvement or response, my plan is to suck up the monetary loss of the lost promotions, return what I can, and avoid shopping there in the future. I don’t recall their customer service being this awful in the past.

That’s true: if sending EECBs and posting on the company’s Facebook page were effective, they would have magically fixed all of the company’s problems by now. Maybe losing some of that sweet, sweet holiday business in future years to Walmart and online retailers that can actually deliver will get the message across.

Toys R Us Takes Holiday Toy Orders, Then Ignores Customers

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