Toys R Us Takes Holiday Toy Orders, Then Ignores Customers

Image courtesy of (The Caldor Rainbow)

Yesterday, we shared JC’s sad story about the Little Tikes pizza oven he ordered from Toys R Us that is stuck in the bowels of the Toys R Us ordering apparatus with no explanation. He ordered that kitchen much earlier than most customers, but he’s not alone in wondering where his order went. In Jen’s case, she just went ahead and ordered the same item cheaper from another vendor, but couldn’t get through to TRU to cancel her original order.

On Cyber Monday, I found a gift for my daughter and ordered it from Toys R Us’s website. While shopping around for some other things, I found the same product on another seller’s site for about $30 less, so went ahead and ordered that one, as well.

I started calling TRU on Monday, right after I purchased the cheaper item from the other retailer, to cancel my order. I sat on hold for a total of 3 hours Monday, two hours Tuesday, two hours Wednesday, and didn’t bother today, as the item is showing out for delivery, meaning I’ll need to drive 40 minutes to my closest TRU to return it. I tried to use their website to cancel the order, but my order number wasn’t recognized during the time the cancel window was opened (and still isn’t).

The main problem here is the lack of customer service- their Facebook page is FULL of complaints no one is responding to. The first day (Monday) some guy with a Hotmail email address (I’m assuming the Social Media company running their site) responded to a couple of people, but he’s all but stopped.

It’s really pathetic, and there a bunch of angry, scared customers who have given TRU their money but aren’t being helped at all. Their ordering software isn’t working correctly, no one can get through to CS, Store Employees are surly, and well- everything that could positively go wrong with some of these orders has.

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