Ditch The Hard Cookies & Tepid Eggnog — Workers Want Cash Instead Of Holiday Parties

Let’s pull up a scenario: You’re trying to weave your way through the gaudily decorated conference room toward the folding table holding a tiny tin tub with a few domestic beers still floating in it when suddenly, your boss appears dressed as Santa Claus and ho ho ho’ing it up in your face to demand you turn that frown upside down. Meanwhile, said beers disappear and all that’s left is the eggnog that’s been sitting there all afternoon and may or may not have rum in it. In another scenario: Cash.

It seems like an easy choice — enforced holiday cheer surrounded by your coworkers who you may or may not like or a nice holiday bonus. To that point, a new survey of U.S. workers found that a resounding 73% of us would prefer a cash bonus this holiday season over an office party or other perks, reports CNBC.

The survey by Harris Interactive asked  2,059 adults which holiday perks they’d go for, if all of them were about equal in monetary terms. Participants could choose more than one answer.

Cash bonus was the clear winner, followed by a raise at 60% of respondents and extra paid time off outside of normal vacation days at 36%. I don’t know about you, but all of those are higher on my list than a holiday gathering, even with an open bar.

Other perks that weren’t so popular in the survey included company stock, health care subsidies and a gym membership.

All grinchiness aside, I know whenever there’s a chance to gather with my Consumerist colleagues, you better be sure I’m there with bells on, ready to swig eggnog or whatever else comes my way. Tis the season, after all.

Bosses, Take Note: Your Staff Wants a Holiday Bonus [CNBC]

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