Burger King Japan Brings Back All-You-Can-Eat Burgers For One Week Only

Image courtesy of Glorious.


Fast food fans in Japan evidently couldn’t get enough Whoppers. At this time last year, we reported that they were offering an all-you-can-eat burger buffet to customers willing to accept the challenge. The deal is back on. From November 17 to November 21, diners who purchase a black burger meal will be able to gobble as many burgers and fries or onion rings as they can in the next half-hour.

This deal never spread to the United States because Burger King would go broke within a week. Also, because Japan gets all of the cool stuff, like pumpkin burgers and ginormous pizza-sized Whoppers.

We’re not saying this has anything to do with the debut of “Pepsi Special,” the soft drink that claims to help you lose weight (or at least not gain it.) It’s just an interesting coincidence, that’s all.

All-You-Can-Eat Burger King? This Is Madness, Japan. [Kotaku]

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