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Burger King Japan Creates Black Cheese For Its Black Burger And I Don’t Know How To Feel

If the saying is true and we eat first with our eyes, hope you’re hungry for some garbage bags: Burger King Japan has introduced a new black cheese to match its black burgers. And while I normally applaud any iteration of cheese in general, chowing down on a melted piece of Darth Vader’s helmet isn’t exactly an appetizing thought. [More]


Want A Grilled Apple Burger With Cinnamon Mayonnaise? Visit Burger King Japan

There are three important features that make Burger King in Japan a very different experience: apples, booze, and couches, or ABC. Apples? Yes, Burger King has brought back their limited-time apple burgers in Japan, which feature grilled apple slices instead of tomatoes. Are they any good? [More]


Burger King Japan Brings Back All-You-Can-Eat Burgers For One Week Only

Fast food fans in Japan evidently couldn’t get enough Whoppers. At this time last year, we reported that they were offering an all-you-can-eat burger buffet to customers willing to accept the challenge. The deal is back on. From November 17 to November 21, diners who purchase a black burger meal will be able to gobble as many burgers and fries or onion rings as they can in the next half-hour. [More]

Burger King Japan Now Selling A "Pizza-Size" Whopper

Burger King Japan Now Selling A "Pizza-Size" Whopper

Some of you may remember the BK Whopper Bar in New York City’s 9.5″ diameter Pizza Burger from 2010. Well, a version of that monster has crossed the globe to hit the stomachs of Japanese eaters. [More]