Hey, Verizon And Motorola, I Want My Ice Cream Sandwich

Reader GC owns an Android tablet purchased from Verizon Wireless. Customers were promised that the device would receive an update to the latest version a newer version of the Android operating system, called Ice Cream Sandwich, by now. The promised update has come for the larger version of the tablet, the Droid xyboard, but not for its little brother. Sure, GC could jailbreak the device, but why do that and void the warranty when the update was supposed to be here by now?

I have a verizon tablet that has not received an update that was promised in writing by early q3, that deadline has come and gone. The tablet comes in a 10 inch and an 8 inch version, I have the 8 in. The tablets are identical and were released on the same day, The update has been released for the 10 inch but not for the 8 inch. There is no word from verizon or motorola as to why.

Tablet is the droid xyboard 8.2 LTE, the 10.1 LTE has the update and no explanation at all for why update wasn’t released for the 8.2 I’ve called Verizon who blames Motorola, I’ve called Motorola who blames Verizon, and I even went into the verizon store today and had a sales rep tell me that the 8.2 did have an ICS update released. When I asked him why the 10.1 in the store had ICS but the 8.2 did not he said, “we just didn’t download the update onto that one yet, but it’s been released” I told him that I pressed the software update button in settings and it said, “YOUR SOFTWARE IS UP TO DATE” he quickly and confidently replied, “these tablets are just demo tablets, they aren’t like the ones you buy, if you bought one it would probably have the update on it already”

I’m being lied to my face, I can’t get a straight answer no matter how hard I try or how many people I call. No news outlets seem to care and I can understand since it’s such an insignificant device. I just wish someone cared, I wish one of you would use your reach and your readership to try and get the truth from this goofy corporate runaround I’m receiving.

Sure, it’s a minor thing. But GC bought this tablet under the assumption that the software would be updated to the most current version by now. Why do purchasers of the larger tablet get what they paid for, but not the smaller one?

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