Apple Pushes Out Update To Fix Verizon Customers’ iPhone Connection Issues

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Earlier this month, Verizon Wireless users complained that they were experiencing connection issues with the newly released iPhone 7. In an attempt to fix this issue, Apple has just released an update to the iPhone’s operating system.

Apple released a security update Monday that addresses an apparent bug that causes some devices to unexpectedly drop the LTE signal and GPS, regardless of local signal strength.

The update, identified as 10.0.3, is solely focused on fixing the cellular connectivity issues for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This means that the update will not be pushed out to older iPhones, according to The Verge.

While it’s still unclear what caused the phones on Verizon’s network to experience the connectivity drop, thousands of customers described the issues in comments on Apple and Verizon forums.

In many cases, customers said the outages come and go on their own, with “No Service” messages popping up often when they are running apps that use GPS such as Waze or Google Maps.

“I keep having issues with my network dropping for a few minutes at a time with a Verizon iPhone 7,” customer Mike said. “This is particularly troublesome when driving in an unknown area and using Waze or Google maps for directions. The signal will just drop entirely for two to three minutes. This may happen three or four times on a 60-minute drive.”

The issue also seems to be occurring in areas where customers say they previously had strong service with older iPhones.

“I just completed a 200-mile trip, all interstate with 95% LTE coverage,” one person wrote on a Verizon forum. “iPhone 7+ would drop service every few minutes/miles. Other devices on iOS 9. (6s, 6+) as well as MiFi were able to maintain continuous service. Comparing coverage when service would drop showed iOS 9 maintained 3 bars, so not spotty coverage area.”

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