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Sony Agrees To Refund Xperia Owners For Claiming Devices Were Waterproof

A few years ago, Sony walked back its marketing claims that the Xperia line of devices were so waterproof, they could be used to take photos underwater. The company is now agreeing to settle a class action complaint that resulted from those waterproof claims by issuing refunds to anyone whose phone or tablet was damaged by water. [More]

(Joel G Goodman)

Costco Settles Gender-Discrimination Lawsuit for $8 Million

Giant wholesale retailer Costco has tentatively settled a gender-discrimination class-action lawsuit for $8 million, the Seattle Times reports.  The settlement will become finalized if the court approves it at a hearing in February. [More]


Wells Fargo To Pay $38.5 Million In Response To Claims It Neglected Bank-Owned Homes In Minority Neighborhoods

Add another stack of zeros to the running total of mortgage-meltdown-related cash laid out by banks, as Wells Fargo has agreed to pay a total of $38.5 million to advocacy groups and regulators to resolve complaints that the bank neglected foreclosure properties in predominantly non-white areas. [More]