Hey, Verizon And Motorola, I Want My Ice Cream Sandwich

Reader GC owns an Android tablet purchased from Verizon Wireless. Customers were promised that the device would receive an update to the latest version a newer version of the Android operating system, called Ice Cream Sandwich, by now. The promised update has come for the larger version of the tablet, the Droid xyboard, but not for its little brother. Sure, GC could jailbreak the device, but why do that and void the warranty when the update was supposed to be here by now?

I have a verizon tablet that has not received an update that was promised in writing by early q3, that deadline has come and gone. The tablet comes in a 10 inch and an 8 inch version, I have the 8 in. The tablets are identical and were released on the same day, The update has been released for the 10 inch but not for the 8 inch. There is no word from verizon or motorola as to why.

Tablet is the droid xyboard 8.2 LTE, the 10.1 LTE has the update and no explanation at all for why update wasn’t released for the 8.2 I’ve called Verizon who blames Motorola, I’ve called Motorola who blames Verizon, and I even went into the verizon store today and had a sales rep tell me that the 8.2 did have an ICS update released. When I asked him why the 10.1 in the store had ICS but the 8.2 did not he said, “we just didn’t download the update onto that one yet, but it’s been released” I told him that I pressed the software update button in settings and it said, “YOUR SOFTWARE IS UP TO DATE” he quickly and confidently replied, “these tablets are just demo tablets, they aren’t like the ones you buy, if you bought one it would probably have the update on it already”

I’m being lied to my face, I can’t get a straight answer no matter how hard I try or how many people I call. No news outlets seem to care and I can understand since it’s such an insignificant device. I just wish someone cared, I wish one of you would use your reach and your readership to try and get the truth from this goofy corporate runaround I’m receiving.

Sure, it’s a minor thing. But GC bought this tablet under the assumption that the software would be updated to the most current version by now. Why do purchasers of the larger tablet get what they paid for, but not the smaller one?


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  1. bnceo says:

    Firstly, Verizon is simply a carrier, NOT the maker of the tablet. So it’s NOT a Verizon tablet. It’s actually a Motorola.

    In any case, this is why I will avoid all Android phones or tablets unless it’s the Nexus line. For me who wants the latest OS, no matter what bugs come with it. The carrier control too much of the update cycle along with most OEMs don’t have any incentive to update the phones.

    Great article on why: http://www.androidcentral.com/why-you-ll-never-have-latest-version-android

  2. longfeltwant says:

    “The tablet comes in a 10 inch and an 8 inch version…the tablets are identical”

    I tried to suppress my pedantic tendencies, but I couldn’t.

  3. Evil_Otto would rather pay taxes than make someone else rich says:

    For everyone that is convinced Android is a better platform than iOS, well, here’s a reason to the contrary. (Not saying one is better than the other, just pointing out some of the reasons why Android isn’t the second coming.)

  4. Abradax says:

    I stopped buying Motorola devices.

    Locked bootloaders and Motorola is slow to release updates to Verizon for testing, and Verizon is slow to release them to production.

    Maybe now that Motorola Mobility is owned by Google, things will change? I have a year left on my Galaxy Nexus, and would actually like to go back to the Droid line as I miss my keyboard and the rock solid hardware Motorola produces. But the way they lock their stuff down is a deal breaker for me.

  5. Dave on bass says:

    I’m apparently not getting anything newer than Gingerbread on my Droid X2 – sucks, since JB seems to be a marked improvement in every way.

  6. RadarOReally has got the Post-Vacation Blues says:

    The Motorola Droid 2 will not get Ice Cream Sandwich either. Motorola gives some BS about how “it won’t enhance the user experience”, so it’s not worth it. So now I can’t watch Time Warner Cable shows on my phone, because Ice Cream Sandwich is required. It’s definitely Motorola.

  7. Captain Quack says:

    I have a Motorola Droid Bionic. same thing, no ICE and I was promised that I would have it 2nd quarter. then early 3rd quarter. guess what? still waiting.

    had the exact same sort of trouble getting upgrades on my Galaxy S when I was with AT&T. this is not just a Verizon issue. this is a “their locked into a 2 year contract. why should we bother doing anything that gives the customer what we promised if it costs us money?” issue. no mater where you go. no mater which Android. same issues.

  8. Duke_Newcombe-Making children and adults as fat as pigs says:

    Sure, GC could jailbreak the device

    Sorry to be “that guy”, but you jailbreak iOS, you “root” Android Devices, then apply a “rom” to get the version of Android you desire. Just sayin’.

    • PunditGuy says:

      100% correct, and clearly the easiest and fastest solution to the OP’s problem. It ain’t rocket surgery, and you’ll end up with a much more functional device that works the way you want it to.

  9. Portlandia says:

    This is just another weakness of Android OS. Owners of the last three models of the iPhones have the ability to upgrade to the latest software automatically without waiting for your carrier. It’s sad when you have a handset that’s less than a year old and you can’t update the OS or your carrier won’t support it.

    • CONS.vs.CORPS says:

      well the upgrade from gingerbread to ICS isn’t just a couple of features. the look of the OS is a lot different. im sure if google wanted to just add a features they could have done so easily

      • Abradax says:

        Its true.

        The Frameworks between GB and ICS are WAY different. And even though JB looks a lot like ICS, they are very different as well.

  10. astraelraen says:

    I’m not sure how Apple gets around it, but with Android devices Verizon (and all the carriers for that matter) have to approve all updates for all devices that connect to their network.

    This is where the time lag comes in. There have been numerous articles that say it can take 2-4 WEEKS for Carrier testing of updates. If your update fails the Carrier testing for whatever reason you have to fix their issue, then resubmit it for testing, that can take another 2-4 WEEKS.

    This ridiculous factor has to do with why it takes so long to get updates.

    I’m not sure how the cellular carriers still get away with this. It would be like Comcast telling you that you can’t connect a Linux computer to their network or like ATT (landline) making you buy a specific software revision for a phone to use on their landline network.

    • CONS.vs.CORPS says:

      apple does not allow carriers to install bloat into their OS. android on the other hand lets carriers have their way. this is where iOS beats android. the manufacturers incorporates their garbage skins into the factory OS and they have to make sure (mostly) everything works which happens at a snails pace.

  11. snarfies says:

    But… Ice Cream Sandwich ISN’T “the latest version of the Android operating system.” Jellybean is.

    • Fafaflunkie Plays His World's Smallest Violin For You says:

      …a version I would love to finally see on this tablet I’m typing on. A tablet whose manufacturer made the Nexus 7, and has already released Jelly Bean on a previous model of said tablet. I won’t mention names, but I’m pretty sure you know who I’m talking about.