Walmart Customer Says Store Stuck Her With Bogus $100 Bill

Here’s a nice companion piece to this morning’s story about the Walmart employee who allegedly tore up two legitimate $100 bills claiming they were counterfeit. This afternoon’s tale is from a Walmart customer in Michigan who says the store gave her a bogus $100 bill and refused to take it back.

The woman was using her state benefits card at the store and chose to get $100 cash back, which Walmart gave her in the form of a $100 bill.

She says she then tried to use that same bill at a Menards, where the cashier figured out it was counterfeit with the assistance of a detection marker.

The woman tells WOOD-TV that she took the bill back to Walmart, where an assistant manager examined it but told her there was no way the store could give her a replacement since she had left the building.

“It’s frustrating, you know, ’cause you’re trying to take care of bills, trying to be a good citizen, and we’re getting the short end of the stick, literally. We are out $100,” says the customer.

As we’ve explained before, the person on the receiving end of a counterfeit bill is often stuck with it, especially if they don’t notice it until after leaving the spot of the transaction. However, there are several ways to detect a counterfeit before you walk out the door.

The woman tells the TV station that she’s now just trying to let people in her community know there are convincing fakes floating around.

“The bill could fool anybody” she explains. “Whoever is doing it is good. Just want people to know that it’s happening, today in Kent County right now. Be aware, be informed, watch your money.”

Police tell WOOD-TV that a pair of fake $20 bills had been passed at this same store last Friday.

Fake bill costs family $100

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