Electrolux Introduces $100K Kitchen Range Because Some People Have Enough Money To Actually Burn

The next time you feel like burning some money, you could just grab a wad of cash and light it on fire. Or you could get super fancy about it and fork over $100,000 for a new deluxe kitchen range from Electrolux. Yep, a stovetop and oven for more money than some of the priciest luxury vehicles out there. Hey, we’ve all got hobbies.

The Grand Cuisine range isn’t mean for just anyone, notes Bloomberg News, to which we say, “Uh, duh.” It’s for the richest of the rich foodies, the people who have an eye for professional catering level equipment. There’s a $5.3 billion market out there for just such people.

“This brings a halo effect from a brand standpoint to Electrolux,” said the company’s CEO. “We’re talking very high net worth people with two or three homes. It’s clearly intended to build and reinforce the brand.”

The company thinks it can sell the range — equipped with such things as USB ports and vacuum packers — to potentially 50,000 homes a year, in a bid to compete with LG and Samsung.

“Samsung and LG have taken advantage of their brand recognition particularly among younger consumers particularly in consumer electronics,” the CEO added. “They’ve brought some unique and fun interface technology and good designs, and they’ve penetrated some markets. If you’re in the cooking business, how much electronics do you want. They may be able to put a TV in a refrigerator, but look how many they’ve sold.”

Who needs a TV in a refrigerator? Well, who needs a USB port in a stove? People who want to upload recipes, apparently and are willing to pay for such a luxury.

Electrolux’s $100,000-Kitchen for Foodies to Fight Slowdown [Bloomberg News]

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