Walmart Sued For Selling Mislabeled Welspun Egyptian Cotton Sheets

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Two months after textile manufacturer Welspun was sued for allegedly fraudulently labeling its bedding as premium Egyptian cotton, Walmart — which sold and then pulled the products — is facing a lawsuit of its own.

Reuters reports that a Michigan woman filed the lawsuit — on behalf of consumers who purchased the products from the big box store — claiming that Walmart continued to sell the falsely labeled Welspun-manufactured linens for several years after questions began to surface about the sheets’ origins.

According to the lawsuit, Walmart first raised questions about Welspun’s “100% Egyptian Cotton” claims back in 2008, but continued to sell the products until two months ago.

At that time, the company removed the products — sold under the company’s house brands Better Homes & Gardens and Canopy — from its shelves and began to offer customers refunds.

“Our customers trust us to provide products that are what they say they are on the label,” a Walmart spokeswoman said at the time. “Welspun has not been able to assure us the products are 100 percent Egyptian cotton, which is unacceptable. While the sheets are excellent quality, we are offering our customers a full refund.”

The Michigan woman claims that she overpaid for Better Homes and Gardens bed linens made by Welspun, as she was led to believe they were made of Egyptian cotton and were of higher quality than other, lower-priced sheets.

Shoppers pay premium prices for long-fiber cotton types like Pima or Egyptian.

The lawsuit accuses Walmart of violating federal laws related to fiber labeling and advertising. The suit seeks damages for anyone who has bought Welspun-made linens labeled as 100% Egyptian cotton.

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