People Are Allegedly Preparing Salmon And Potatoes In The Dishwasher

Real Simple has a list of things you can and cannot put in your dishwasher (Caution: annoying slideshow.) One of the suggestions stood out. Potatoes…?

From Real Simple:

Potatoes can get nice and clean in the top rack with a rinse-only cycle (no detergent). Sound crazy? It makes mashed potatoes for 20 a lot quicker.

Further research uncovered additional corroborating evidence of dishwasher food prep, including a recipe for “Dishwasher Salmon,” also from Real Simple. One should note that while one commenter claims it makes your dishwasher stink of fish, another says they have been cooking salmon this way for 25 years and has experienced no odor problems.

Time for a poll, we suppose:

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