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Google Wiping Private Medical Records From Search Results

If the thought of a stranger accessing your medical history online gives you the creeps, you’re not alone: In an effort to tamp down on the spread of such private information, Google has started wiping private medical records from its search results. [More]

Consumer Reports

How To Load A Dishwasher

Think your dishwasher has it bad? To test this workhorse appliance, Consumer Reports slathers plates, cups, and silverware with an imposing mix of peanut butter, egg yolk, and other gooey stuff, then lets it all sit out overnight before running the wash cycle. Dishwashers that make our list of top dishwasher picks deliver sparkling results every time. [More]

Another unrelated fountain that you cannot bathe in. (TKT)

No, You Can’t Shampoo Your Hair With Mayo (Or Anything) In Public Fountains

Sure, public fountains look just like giant showers, but the thing is, they’re not. They’re available to the public for viewing, listening to, sometimes throwing money into, but definitely not for bathing. Not with mayonnaise in your hair, not for any other reason. [More]

4 Reasons Consumers Still Buy Top-Loading Washing Machines

4 Reasons Consumers Still Buy Top-Loading Washing Machines

Even though front-loading washing machines are generally more efficient and clean your dirty duds better than old-school top-loading machines, some surveys show that around 3 out of 4 American households are still loading from above. Our brighter brethren at Consumer Reports endeavored to find out why. [More]