McDonald's Tries To Open Up The Elusive 2 To 5 A.M. Breakfast Market

I do most of my writing between 2 A.M. and 5 A.M. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t drive over to the nearest 24-hour McDonald’s and order up an Egg McMuffin or a breakfast burrito right now. Breakfast food in the most wee hours of the morning? Who could imagine such a wondrous thing? McDonald’s, of course. They’re currently testing out very, very early breakfast service at their 24-hour locations in Ohio.

2-5 is a low-volume time in the fast-food business. That’s not because customers’ need for late-night eggs aren’t being met, but because most normal people have jobs that don’t involve illustrating appliance horror stories with cat pictures, and they are sleeping. Right? Maybe. The ad agency handling this project in Ohio is running a campaign aimed at what it terms “Nocturnivores,” or “young people who want burgers or maybe McMuffins late at night.” Will it work? Guess we’ll find out. As far as this site is concerned, though, the success or failure of this campaign isn’t the real issue at hand. The real reason why this makes us happy? You should be able to make a Mc10:35 late into the night.

A Mc10:35, in case you missed it the first time or have blocked it from your memory, is a secret menu item normally only available during the changeover period from breakfast to lunch. Except it’s not all that secret, because you have to order two things and combine the disparate elements yourself. It consists of a McDouble (or your burger of choice) with the egg and Canadian bacon from an Egg McMuffin placed deliciously on top of the burger.

If you live in Ohio and have an interesting late-night breakfast experience or even a Mc10:35, you know where to find us.

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