Turns Out A Bag Of Pot Is Not Legal Tender At Denny's

While your pal might accept a bag of drugs as a trade for meal, it’s not surprising that a cashier at Denny’s won’t be so down with the bartering system. Cops say a man in Niagara Falls tried paying for his meal with marijuana, and was subsequently denied.

It was shortly after 2 a.m. when the attempted drug barter went down, reports BuffaloNews.com. Police say the man had ordered $9.91 worth of food. When it came time to pay, he offered up $1 and the bag of pot.

The cashier refused to accept weed as payment, so the man then tried to sell the pot to other customers, say police. When no one else wanted his goods either and the cashier called the cops, the man fled into a wooded area.

An employee recognized the guy and gave his name to police. When they arrived at his home on Saturday, he wasn’t there. The investigation is ongoing, and the man is likely still hungry.

Man tries to pay for dinner with a bag of pot [BuffaloNews.com]

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