7-Eleven Customer Freaks Out, Trashes Store After Debit Card Is Declined

Having low blood sugar or being hangry aren’t pleasant, but they’re no excuse for going on a fruit-throwing rampage at a 7-Eleven store.

Authorities in California are looking for a man who allegedly went full Michael Douglas in Falling Down on a convenience store after his debit card was declined while he tried to buy some M&M’s.

Police told KCAL that fter the man’s card had been declined, he reached across the counter and hit the cashier in the head, then shoved a register and computer equipment off the counter.

On his way out the door, he grabbed some bananas sitting on the counter and threw them at the store’s other cashier.

“You shouldn’t hit anyone, especially if you can’t pay,” a customer who watched the video told KCAL. “You should beat yourself up because your bank account is so low.”

The incident caused $700 in damage to the 7-Eleven, or the value of roughly 700 packets of M&M’s, and the cashier who was assaulted isn’t happy with the situation, either.

The incident happened back in February, but police have released the video now looking for leads on who the man is. He would be charged with assault and property damage.

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