Taco Bell, Where 'Mountain Dew A.M.' Is A Breakfast Drink

Taco Bell has been flirting with breakfast for years and only recently decided it was something that all its restaurants should eventually serve. But ever the food innovators, the folks at the Bell have apparently come up with the perfect drink to accompany its breakfast burritos, something called Mountain Dew A.M.

As the sign — which blew up on Reddit over the holiday weekend — the drink is a “mixology of Mtn Dew and OJ,” and is only served until 11 a.m., after which point you’ll need to create your own at home.

It’s already earned some nicknames that are better than Mountain Dew A.M., like “Dewdriver,” “Morning Dew,” and “Where can I get one?”

As much as we enjoy the Dew here at Consumerist HQ, we’ve never found it to mix very well with other beverages. So if anyone stumbles across a Taco Bell serving up these drinks and wants to let us know how it tastes, please send us your impressions.

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