I Don't Appreciate Your Bubbly Excitement About Death, Shutterfly

Perhaps Shutterfly should rethink the automated shipping confirmation it’s sending out — especially since not every occasion one might order a card for is a time for celebration. Consumerist reader Ron was a bit unsettled over the email he received from the photo product company after he ordered a card for a somber life event.

He says he ordered a sympathy card from Shutterfly, and they sent a very chipper and cheery shipping confirmation which read, “Exciting news: A bright-orange Shutterfly package is on its way, with unbelievable memories inside.”

Ron was a bit disturbed — unbelievable memories and bright orange isn’t the kind of mood he was in when ordering a card to offer someone condolences — so he logged on to Shutterfly’s online chat to suggest that they change emails that go out with sympathy card orders.

Ron explained what the email with his order said, and said it wasn’t appropriate. The customer service rep asked for his order number, so he gave it. One-track minds, those CSR chatters.

Ron: The order was for a sympathy card. That is NOT appropriate. Ibelieve you guys need to tailor the emails sent out in cases like this. the order is [redacted]

William: Thanks. Please give me a moment while I look that up.

William: Thank you for your patience.

William: As I checked and the order was placed with via Direct Mail – US.

Ron: youre not even reading what I said

Ron: you should NOT send emails about “exciting memories” when it is a sympathy card!

Ron: someone died! it is NOT an exciting memory!

William: So this order you have placed for stamp and mail for you.

Beyond the fact that William just seemed to string a few words regarding mail together in that last bit, Ron didn’t feel like he was really understanding the problem. He says he called Shutterfly up and was met with basically the same response.

When a company is in the business of selling products to express emotions, bright orange or otherwise, it would be good if they stayed in touch with the feelings of their customers.

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