Save Two Whole Cents With This 'Smoking Hot' Frozen Pizza Deal

These Roman frozen pizzas normally cost all of $1.68. Who can afford that in this economy? That’s why Wisconsin chain Pick ‘n Save has them marked down to only $1.66 each. If you buy six, as recommended, you save twelve cents. And have a freezer full of cheap frozen pizza. Is that really where you wanted your life to end up?

Tipster Brian writes:

I was grocery shopping at my local Pick N Save and noticed that all of the Roma frozen pizzas had a special “Smoking Hot Deal” sticker attached to their sale tags. Upon a closer look, it turns out the sale was saving you 12 cents over 6 pizzas, or 2 cents a pizza (you don’t need to buy all 6 to get the sale price). Smoking Hot Deal indeed!


Hey, isn’t that sticker over where the unit price on the sale tag would normally go? Or do they not do that in Wisconsin?

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