Pizza Hut Drivers Turn Into Super-Cops, Follow Robbers To Hideout

If you’re standing outside a restaurant and see three gun-toting people in masks flee the building, what is your immediate response? For a pair of Pizza Hut drivers in Georgia, it was time to tail the suspects before they could get away.

Around 9:30 p.m. last night, the two drivers were outside their place of work when a trio of masked robbers exited the Pizza Hut carrying cash stolen from the register and and employee’s pocketbook.

“[We] looked at each other and decided we were gonna chase them in our vehicles,” recalls one of the drivers.

So they hopped into one of their vehicles — we’re imagining that at least one of them slid across the hood — and tailed the bad guys, who had fled on foot, to a nearby house.

They also contacted the real police, who arrested one of the three suspects and charged him with armed robbery.

Says one driver, “My boss just came up with a new nickname for us: Starsky and Hutch.”

Let’s just hope Pizza Hut HQ doesn’t fire them for their actions.

Pizza delivery drivers help police catch robbery suspect []

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