Curb Your Shopping Impulse When You're On The Go

If you can’t restrain yourself from making unnecessary purchases, it doesn’t matter how much money you make because you’ll find a way to bury yourself in debt. By identifying your tendencies and curbing them before they victimize you, you can get your shopoholicism under control.

The Debt Princess, who admits to being prone to shopping impulses, tells you how she keeps her urge to splurge under control:

* Put your credit cards on ice. If you can’t trust yourself with a credit card, consider freezing it and leaving it inside your freezer. The extra effort it takes to free it will give you time to reconsider your purchase.

* Get a money buddy. Choose a loved one — maybe a spouse or best friend — and talk through every significant purchase with that person. If it’s too ridiculous to verbalize, it’s probably an ill-advised buy.

* Seek therapy. Talking to a professional may help uncover reasons that underlie your compulsive spending problem. Speaking about the matter with a trusted friend may also pay dividends.

What NOT to Do: Give in to Impulse [The Debt Princess]

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