Career Advice Gleaned From Celebrities

There are as many ways to succeed as there are successful people. By learning from those with impressive careers, you can discover advice you can apply to your own life.

Her Campus chose several celebrities as case studies and identified driving forces that helped them make it to the top and stay there.

Here’s a sampling:

* Do what you love like Steve Jobs — Your mind works better when your heart is leading the way. Doing work that feels right and excites you allows you to focus your resources on success.

* Keep your personal life personal like Barbara Walters. Walters coped with several divorces and miscarriages but didn’t let personal turmoil derail her work.

* Stay determined despite rejection like Dr. Seuss. The popular children’s author was rejected dozens of times before he found a publisher for his first book. If you keep looking, you’ll eventually find someone who believes in you and can open doors.

Check out the source link to see what you can learn from Lady Gaga, Barack Obama and Joy Behar, among others.

10 Career Lessons From Major Success Stories [Her Campus]

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