Fishing Vessel Rescuing Costa Allegra Cruise Ship From Pirate-Infested Waters

Carnvial-owned Costa cruise ships are really not having a good year thus far. First, the Costa Concordia crashed and sank off the coast of Italy in January, and now there’s the Costa Allegra, which caught fire in what’s being called the “pirate-infested” Indian Ocean. It was set adrift yesterday without power, and is now being towed toward the Seychelles by a French fishing vessel.

ABC News says the ship carries more than 1,000 passengers and crew and was stranded 200 miles from land. Reports indicate that those onboard spent the night on the ship’s decks, as the fire from the engine room made being inside quarters unbearably hot. The captain had turned off the ship’s Automatic Identification System (AIS) in order to hide from any pirates.

It’s slow-going being tugged by fishing vessels, as the Allegra isn’t expected to reach land until Thursday. Things aren’t going to get any more comfortable for passengers either, says a Costa spokesman.

“The situation could change because we are not talking about a normal navigation,” he said, adding that “emergency electrical supply is working for lighting, not for air condition, refrigeration or other ship services.”

However, a helicopter did take off today to bring the ship food and communication devices, and Costa will continue to deliver supplies until the ship reaches shore.

“The passengers and crew are in safe condition,” a commander with the Italian coast guard said Monday. “They are not necessarily comfortable because the ship only has emergency power on board, but they are safe.”

Disabled Costa Allegra: Cruise Liner Towed Toward the Seychelles [ABC News]


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  1. Rebecca K-S says:

    /scratches Costa Cruises off her list of potential vacations

  2. Cat says:

    I was so afraid they would be boarded by Captain Ned and the pirate crew of the Raging Queen.

    Captain Ned, I learned from my shipmates, was a very manly, virile, manful person, and a firm believer in strict discipline, corporal punishment, and nude apartment wrestling. How truly strict he was, I learned on our first day out of port…

  3. Guppy06 says:

    I was expecting to find these fine ships and crews registered in Liberia, the Bahamas or the like. But it turns out both of these Costa cruise ships are proudly flying the Italian flag.

  4. Captain Walker says:

    “ABC News says the ship carries more than 1,000 passengers”

    Well, that’s wrong.

  5. sirwired says:

    I’m sure that fisherman was on a pleasure cruise. At night. Through pirate-infested waters.

    I wonder if they are using the same waves the Allegra is using?

  6. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    Come sail with us… We Guarantee you’ll never forget the experience!

  7. DJ Charlie says:

    Call me paranoid, but something smells decidedly… fishy… about this.

    Same cruise line losing 2 ships in such a small timeframe? Reeks of insurance fraud to me.

    • Cerne says:

      I don’t think you understand how to make insurance fraud profitable. Pro-tip: Don’t do with working boats filled with sue happy passengers and working equipment. You strip a boat then burn it and claim it was full of expensive gear.

    • Zyzek says:

      I don’t think insurance fraud with your luxury cruise liner is a very popular item like cars and houses. They’re a bit more conspicuous.

  8. webweazel says:

    Very interesting that the ad shown before the video was for Carnival Cruises? Coinkidink? I think not. Some programmer somewhere is laughing his balls off.

  9. Happy Tinfoil Cat says:

    Besides lifejackets, the cruise ships should be required to have one oar per person.

  10. webweazel says:

    The crash of the other ship was stupid and sad with the loss of life.

    This one, that is just disabled, would be scary with the threat of pirates, but if we were on it, I bet we would think it was pretty cool. We’re not the type of people who would think their life is over if they’re “inconvenienced” and can’t take two showers a day, and we actually enjoy roughing-it. We’d probably be bored, of course, but we’d be checking out the fishing trawler and how they hooked them up, watching the helicopters come in, I bet it would be neat. Tugboats on the way? We’d be hanging over the rails checking out the activities. We’ll eat bread & fruit as a meal, and sleep out under the stunning star-lit sky, not a problem. Might actually be nicer than the claustrophobic little cabins. I mean, vacations are all about making and sharing memories, right? Boy, would we have some interesting ones to tell, and probably a full card in our camera!

    • Cerne says:

      i can see your point but think how uncomfortable it would be. The smell alone.

      • webweazel says:

        We have big dogs who like to walk in front of floor fans, fart out black lingering clouds of mustard gas and leave the room, giggling. Smell doesn’t bother us any more.

    • makoto says:

      Ummm… Inconvenienced? These people did not pay to be without power, period. I just came back from a cruise (with Norwegian however–amazing experience), but to think I would have been in the middle of a harrowing situation without air conditioning, running water (apart from what is outside the ship and without a bartender) would really piss me off.

      • webweazel says:

        See? That’s what I’m talking about. While you are over there screaming in some poor deckhand’s face about how you DEMAND to have power and air conditioning that you PAID FOR RIGHT NOW or you’re going to rip off your own arm and beat him with it to a bloody pulp; we will be over on the side of the boat enjoying the sunset and playing cards. Entitled much?

  11. RedOrDead says:

    I’m having a hard time believing that it’s “safe” to be on a ship that’s on fire.

    • terrillja says:

      RTFA. The fire was put out by the inboard suppression system but now that everything in the engine room got cooked, they can’t generate power. Not generating power != on fire omg we are cooking to death

  12. tacitus59 says:

    Why is this on the consumerist?

  13. cynner says:

    Who names a cruise ship after allergy medicine? :)

    • Cat says:

      Marketing plan:
      Pharmaceutical companies sponsor cruise ships, like corporations sponsor stadiums.

      The Carnival Cialis.
      The Disney Ritalin.


  14. lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

    OK, I’ve never been on a cruise, and probably won’t ever get to go on one. Humor me (as a dumb PA redneck): why would anyone go on a cruise through an area known for pirate activity? I mean, I can see if you have a cargo ship, and you need to go from point A to point B, and you get an armed escort, but it just doesn’t seem logical to spend a lot of money on a cruise that takes you through pirate alley.

    Unless of course, you can be issued some sort of weaponry to repel said pirates should they try to board, like fire hoses or something like that :)

    • meltingcube says:

      Simply sailing through waters that are known for pirate activity doesn’t mean you have to completely avoid them. When you are driving around to get somewhere in your car, don’t you have to sometimes go through areas that are less than desirable? Besides, a ship of that size can easily outrun a small pirate boat (assuming the cruise ship hasn’t caught fire).