Fishing Vessel Rescuing Costa Allegra Cruise Ship From Pirate-Infested Waters

Carnvial-owned Costa cruise ships are really not having a good year thus far. First, the Costa Concordia crashed and sank off the coast of Italy in January, and now there’s the Costa Allegra, which caught fire in what’s being called the “pirate-infested” Indian Ocean. It was set adrift yesterday without power, and is now being towed toward the Seychelles by a French fishing vessel.

ABC News says the ship carries more than 1,000 passengers and crew and was stranded 200 miles from land. Reports indicate that those onboard spent the night on the ship’s decks, as the fire from the engine room made being inside quarters unbearably hot. The captain had turned off the ship’s Automatic Identification System (AIS) in order to hide from any pirates.

It’s slow-going being tugged by fishing vessels, as the Allegra isn’t expected to reach land until Thursday. Things aren’t going to get any more comfortable for passengers either, says a Costa spokesman.

“The situation could change because we are not talking about a normal navigation,” he said, adding that “emergency electrical supply is working for lighting, not for air condition, refrigeration or other ship services.”

However, a helicopter did take off today to bring the ship food and communication devices, and Costa will continue to deliver supplies until the ship reaches shore.

“The passengers and crew are in safe condition,” a commander with the Italian coast guard said Monday. “They are not necessarily comfortable because the ship only has emergency power on board, but they are safe.”

Disabled Costa Allegra: Cruise Liner Towed Toward the Seychelles [ABC News]

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