Adventures In Honesty: Chase Credit Card Rewards

Zach’s parents used their Chase rewards points to send him a nice gift. He was thrilled to find three $25 gift cards to Amazon! Except, um, they had only sent him one. It was obviously a mailing error, and Zach reached out to Chase to straighten it out. Having a customer call in to complain that he received too many gift cards was apparently an unprecedented event at this Chase call center. But for raising an honest son, Chase will reward his parents with extra points.

My parents informed me that I was going to get a letter in the mail from Chase’s rewards program (since stuff like that some times looks like junk mail, they didn’t want me to throw it out by mistake). A few days later, low and behold, I got the envelope and opened to find that there were three $25 in Amazon gift cards, totaling $75! I sent a message to my parents soon after, thanking them for the generous gift. However, they responded back with a bit of confusion, noting that they only sent me a single $25 gift card. So, something strange was up.

Once I was able to look at the letters in the envelope again, I noticed that the two extra $25 cards were actually addressed to someone else. What happened was that there were two letters in there, one with my $25 card, and another with two $25 attached. I had simply assumed that three wouldn’t fit on a single letter. I guess the machine that processes these things simply got stuck and shoved an extra order behind mine.


I’m not going to lie, it was tempting to keep the other two for myself, but I did the right thing and called up Chase to ask what should be done. After sitting through some messages, I came to a customer service rep that was more than happy to talk to me. I explained the situation, told them everything, and they replied that they’d never had this happen before. The rep put me on hold for a bit as they went to find out what to do. In the end, because I was honest and didn’t steal the extra $50, they agreed to put 2,500 [$25] worth of rewards points on [assumingly] my parents’ credit card account, provided I mail the gift cards to their rewards center. They said they were also going to inform the person who was supposed to get them, too.


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  1. CubeRat says:

    Too Cool, I like win-win situations.

  2. Phil Keeps It Real [Consumerist] says:

    Knowing Chase, they will come back for their 50 bones, at some point in the future.

  3. scoutermac says:

    If they were address to someone else.. Chase would likely eventually find out then charge them for the extra $50.

    • Steeb2er says:

      How would Chase know who had received the cards? More likely they would have deactivated the cards, assuming they were lost / stolen in the processing facility or in shipment.

      • scoutermac says:

        Your probably right. I was thinking they could find out from Amazon who ordered what and where it was sent. But thinking about it more now.. they probably could not get that information from Amazon.

  4. dwtomek says:

    Nothing in writing about the bonus points for the parents card = someone is going to “forget” to apply those points towards the account.

  5. dognose says:

    Funny, I got extra amazon cards from Chase too. However, instead of $50 cards, they were $25 cards.. Same value, but, not as nice for gifts.

  6. Hoss says:

    Nice, but wasted steps — just tell the person thanks and let them keep the cards. Then send a new order to the other customer. It’s not that hard.

    • Worstdaysinceyesterday says:

      I am kinda surprised – and kinda not surprised – that they did not take this route.

  7. nitecourt says:

    I had something similar happen, except I got my and someone else’s credit card in the same envelope.

  8. rdclark says:

    I’ve never had anything but positive experiences with Chase CS. They have been great through two hacked-card situations, and straightened out a minor billing error with speed, accuracy, and appropriate apology. The reps have never been less than friendly, helpful, willing to take whatever time I needed, and very easy to talk to.

    Sorry, there’s no punchline.

  9. chocula78 says:

    10 year customer of the Chase Rewards card….always good experience with the CS reps. I once had a $25 fee for paying with the wrong bank account I had just closed. I called up and just asked nicely for a reversal and they did it. No questions asked!

    Also, they snagged a fraudulent charge as soon as it happened. I wouldn’t have caught it for another 15 days, but they premptively called me. Really awesome experience.

    I have always payed my bill on time too, so it’s not like they make a ton off of the interest on me. Their rewards program now is not as good as it used to be; the categories for 5% back are limited to certain stores now, instead of seasonal categories. I find this rather lame, but still think their card and CS reps are the best i have ever encountered.

    Keep it up Chase….don’t suck.