Finding Cheap Dental Care Without Insurance

A lack of dental insurance is no excuse not to take care of your teeth. If you haven’t visited the dentist in a while due to a lack of coverage, know that delaying your inevitable reconciliation with the mouth gods will only give you more severe problems to deal with once you finally go back.

Money Crashers offers ways for the uninsured to find cheap dental care. The post suggests calling up dental care offices and asking what their rates are for uninsured patients. You may find that the billing office is willing to correlate charges to your income.

Dentistry is a fiercely competitive industry, so you may find some offices are offering online discounts to troll for new customers. Another option is to hit up a dental school for free or low-cost care from dentists in training.

If you’re single, take good care of your teeth and usually only go to the dentist for routine cleanings twice a year, you may be better off ditching insurance premiums and just paying for the cleanings out of pocket.

How to Get Affordable Dental Care Without Insurance [Money Crashers] (Thanks, Andrew!)

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