Some Time Warner Cable Customers Still Waiting Months For $300 Promotional Gift Cards

Image courtesy of (Lyman Green)

Back in February, Ann chose to keep her business with Time Warner Cable when the company dangled a free $300 prepaid gift card in her face. Fast forward to November and she’s still waiting for the card, like hundreds of other customers who stuck with the company or switched to the pay-TV provider. So what’s the deal? 

After receiving dozens of emails from readers like Ann –– and perusing TWC Experience forums — Consumerist reached out to the company for an explanation.

“This promotion has ended,” a spokesperson for the company said.

While the company said it would be “happy to look into any individual customer’s situation,” many of those who spoke to Consumerist say their attempt to resolve the issues haven’t gone well.

Most of the stories, Consumerist previously reported, start the same: the customer was promised a $300 gift card if they signed up for new services, paid their bill on time for 90 days, and entered a promotion code on a certain line.

But when they fulfilled the requirements, they say TWC refused to send them the card for a variety of reasons: they weren’t eligible, they didn’t sign up for the right tier, or the promotion had expired.

The latter excuse was given to Ann.

“After four months we called TWC to check the status,” Ann said. “We were told someone would check into it. In August, we were told a card would be mailed a code and we would enter the code and then get the card.”

Three months later, Ann called the company again, and was told the promotion was over and that she was never eligible to begin with because she had a different package.

“We were told different reasons for not getting the card. We would have ended our service in February,” she says.

John tells Consumerist a similar story: he was offered a $300 gift card as part of a retention package with TWC after he called to cancel his service in February.

“Seemed like a no-brainer since they told me I only needed to stay with them 30 days and then I’d get the gift card and then some,” he says.

Four months and more than 15 customer service calls later, he still hadn’t received the card.

“Every time I call they review the notes, clearly see I was promised, and accepted, the gift card as part of a retention package, but they always need to loop in a different department — which is different every time somehow — who will supposedly reach out to me with a resolution but never does,” John says.

Eventually, a rep told John that the retention specialist misspoke on the 30-day window, and that it was really 90 days. However, that timeframe had already passed.

“This is definitely a scam and there’s no way they are not aware of what they’re doing to their customers,” he says. “All while they parade around on TV and say they’re a whole new Time Warner Cable.”

John and Ann’s stories are a continuation of issues many customers reported on TWC’s forums.

“On November 09, 2015 I began service with TWC because they offered me a $300 Visa Reward Card with a purchase of a Triple Play bundle,” one customer wrote. “I was told I would get a post-card or e-mail with a redemption code after 3 months and I just had to be in good standing paying my bill on time for 90 days. I did not receive the post card/ or e-mail with the redemption code even after paying my bill on time after the 90 days.”

The customer says he was finally provided with a response from the company, noting at the “Direct Sales and Telemarketing Win Back Reward Card has officially ended.”

TWC customers still waiting for information about the promised gift cards can continue to call their local customer service number, Maureen Huff, Vice President of corporate communications, tells Consumerist. Those who registered with can also check their card status online.

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