Home Improvement Projects To Warm Up Cold Rooms

If some alchemy of floor plan design, insulation and ventilation makes one room in your home colder than all the others, you can even things out by installing a supplemental heating system. A quick home improvement project can make the room more livable.

Family Handyman has several ideas to help you warm things up. Here are a few:

* A toe-kick heater. A type of space heater you’ll need to wire in to your main electrical panel, these devices fit underneath cabinets and keep your feet warm.

* Duct booster fan. To get warmer air piping into the room, you can mount a blower near a duct outlet and plug it in or hard-wire it. When your furnace turns on, a pressure switch makes the fan push hot air into the room.

* Cove heater. These also need to be hard-wired into your system, but are safer than heaters mounted on the floor because you install them up high. The oblong panels radiate heat from above and don’t make noise since they lack fans.

7 Ways to Warm Up a Cold Room [Family Handyman]

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