The Art Of Fielding Post-Presentation Questions

So you’ve managed to wing your way through that work presentation that’s been freaking you out for the past week, and now you think you’re home free. As a perfunctory courtesy, you ask your audience if there are any questions, hoping you’ll be allowed to shrink back into your seat. But if you’re not so lucky, you’ll be peppered with questions and need to keep your composure while forced to speak off the cuff. has advice for hurdling follow-up questions like a pro. Recommendations include making sure to thoroughly learn your subject in advance rather than simply prepare a speech.

When you’re practicing, you can try to anticipate questions and possible responses. A good way to do this is to give your talk to friends and have them try to throw you off with queries afterward.

If you’re stumped, don’t try to pretend you know something you don’t. You can sidestep and talk about something else or just admit you’re stumped and move on.

How to Avoid Panic in Presentations: Coping with Questions []

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