The heater attached to my legal document works surprisingly well.

Buy Lengthy Legal Document, Get Free Space Heater

Robbie is very pleased with his new DeLonghi Mica Panel heater. Attached to the cord, though, is a tag the size of a small flag covered with warnings. This festive decoration exists to cover the company in case a customer does something stupid with their heater. That makes sense. Robbie wonders, though: at what point do we accept the limits of human stupidity and stop warning against every thing that could possibly go wrong? [More]

Home Improvement Projects To Warm Up Cold Rooms

If some alchemy of floor plan design, insulation and ventilation makes one room in your home colder than all the others, you can even things out by installing a supplemental heating system. A quick home improvement project can make the room more livable. [More]

Recent Recalls

Recent Recalls

All-Clad 4-Square Belgian Waffle Makers – sparks


Former electric heater company Vornado will pay the government a civil penalty of $500,000 and deny any wrongdoing for failing to report incidents of heater fires from 1993 to 2004, says the CPSC.

Above And Beyond: Home Warranty of America

We didn’t know homes had warranties, but according to Brad, they do, and they rock. Brad’s house came with a warranty provided by Home Warranty of America. He has used them three times, “and they’ve blown me away each time.” Brad’s heater “decided that heating just wasn’t its bag anymore.” A serviceman examined the heater and warned it would soon break. When it did finally quit, the serviceman wasn’t available, so Brad called Home Warranty of America.

[The] lady I spoke to not only sympathized with my plight, but actually had me hold on the phone while she looked up and called another service company to verify they could take care of me right away. Not 10 minutes after I got off the phone with HWA, I received a callback from the A/C service company, and they were at my house within the hour.

We might not caution against warranties if they all provided this level of exemplary service.