Chick-Fil-A Cashier Just Assumes Customers' Names Are Ching & Chong

One would think that by this point in the internet’s existence that employees at any sort of business that puts customers’ names on receipts might be aware of the fact that putting a potentially offensive nickname, description or slur on said receipts is probably nowhere near as hilarious as it initially seems.

And yet, here we have a story of a Chick-Fil-A in Irvine, CA, where an employee allegedly decided to describe two Asian customers as “Ching” and “Chong.”

The receipts were posted by a U.C. Irvine student who says his friend, a Resident Adviser at the school, had taken some of his students to the Chick-Fil-A, where the cashier didn’t ask for the two customers’ names.

After noticing the receipts, the RA says he alerted the manager. “I told him that this cannot happen ever again,” he’s quoted as saying. “I chose to be calm about it, but I was ready to go off. I made it known that it wasn’t okay, and that I didn’t appreciate it whatsoever.”

The man who posted his friend’s receipts on his Tumblr account asked people not to jump to blaming the entire Chick-Fil-A chain, in spite of its less-than-stellar history:

I realize Chik-Fil-A hasn’t exactly had the best track record when it comes to issues of social justice, but I don’t think the horrible mistake on the part of one individual is reason enough to launch a witch hunt. There’s no way the person who hired this woman would have been able to know she’d do something so stupid.


Thanks to SecretShopper for the tip!

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