Things You Shouldn't Talk About During Interviews

Some managers are good at getting job candidates to let down their guard and give job interviews a more casual twist. If you’re going for a job and find yourself in this situation, you’ll need to avoid oversharing and spoiling your prospects.

Main Street identifies these topics to avoid:

* Complaining about your old job. You may be leaving because your old job blows, but you’ll need to hide that fact in order to avoid being seen as a malcontent. Stick to vague platitudes about looking for a new opportunity and hope the manager gets bored and changes topics.

* Child care needs. If you’ve got high-maintenance family issues, you’ll want to save those for after you’re in and the paychecks are already flowing. In a competitive market, there is little to distinguish one candidate from another, so don’t give your future boss any reason to choose the next guy over you.

* Your age. Maybe the interviewer will think you’re too old and washed-up for the position, or maybe he’ll think you’re too young and unseasoned. Since there’s no way to be sure what will disqualify you, just keep your age to yourself and focus on your relevant experience and qualifications.

5 Touchy Topics to Avoid in a Job Interview [Main Street]

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