Flight Grounded For 4 Hours After Cat Gets Loose In Cockpit

Snakes on a plane, ghosts in the machine, pigs on the wing, dog-fighting… and now cats in the cockpit. Passengers on an Air Canada flight were greatly inconvenienced after curious feline found its way into the pilot’s seat.

The flight from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Toronto was held back from taking off for four hours this morning after the Toonces wannabe got loose from its carrier and not only got into the cockpit, but into the plane’s wiring.

Thus, the plane could not take off until after a crew could inspect all the wires to make sure everything was in place. The flight eventually took to the air four hours and twenty minutes after its scheduled departure.

The cat was not harmed, though we’re sure there were more than a few passengers who had catricidal thoughts while passing time during the delay.

On-the-loose cat in the cockpit delays Air Canada flight [Globe & Mail]

Thanks to SamiJ for the tip

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