arachnids on a plane

Andrew W. Sieber

American Airlines Flight Cancelled Due To Stowaway Scorpion

An American Airlines flight out of Sacramento was canceled over the weekend because of a stowaway that made both passengers and crew members uncomfortable. That stowaway? A scorpion. [More]


Scorpion Fell On Passenger’s Head During United Flight, Stung Him

Two of the consumer news themes of this week have been terrible things happening to United Airlines passengers and live scorpions lurking where they shouldn’t. Why not bring these themes together? A man on a flight from Houston to Calgary over the weekend says that he was stung by a scorpion that fell out of an overhead bin onto his head. [More]


“Aggressive” Tarantulas Get Loose On Flight, Everybody Freaks Out

In the latest installment of our Arachnids On A Plane series* comes Spiders On A Plane: 2 Fast 2 Be In The Cabin. It’s the second occasion we’ve heard of spiders, specifically tarantulas, getting loose on a plane. But unlike the previous incident, this time the little suckers were scurrying around in the cabin. Otherwise known as, “where all the passengers sit.” [More]

Delta Flight Delayed Three Hours After Tarantula Escapes From Carrier

Delta Flight Delayed Three Hours After Tarantula Escapes From Carrier

Idea for a new movie: All Your Nightmares On A Plane, featuring every kind of creepy, crawly slithery thing that’s ever gotten loose on a plane and freaked the heck out of everybody. Joining that old standby of a snake on a plane — and we’ve seen a few of those — and its pal in arachnid creepiness, the scorpion, is a familiar fuzzy guy that might make your skin crawl: a tarantula, who got loose from its carrier and delayed a recent Delta Air Lines flight while humans scurried around trying to find it. [More]


Alaska Airlines Flight Delayed After Passenger Is Stung By A Scorpion

Now that we’ve all finally gotten over the nightmarish scenario of snakes taking over a plane (well, we’re almost over it) there’s a new terror in the skies to occupy that spot in our fears: An Alaska Airlines passenger was stung by a scorpion aboard a flight to Portland, OR from Los Angeles just before the plane was set to take off. [More]