George Clooney Makes Money Off Coffee Commercials And "F@!# You" If You Think He's Selling Out

Guess what, everybody? George Clooney is a big movie star (he was Batman once!) and he’s in it to make good films, not reap the spoils of a flash-in-the-pan money-making blockbuster. He’s got overseas coffee commercials to keep him living large, and if you think he’s a sellout because of it, he really doesn’t give a f@!#.

The salt-and-pepper fox, who’s nominated for his performance in The Descendants this year, was gabbing as part of an Oscar Roundtable, via The Daily Beast in which he expounds on why he does what he does.

“I’m trying to make movies in my life, and particularly in the position I’m in, that last longer than opening weekend. That’s it, that’s my whole goal,” says George. “I don’t have to make money, I do films for scale and then you know, I go do coffee commercials overseas and I make a lot of money doing those, so I get to live in a nice house.”

You say house, we say Italian lakeside villa, but hang on — he makes coffee commercials?

“I do, and I don’t give a s***. And people will go, ‘Oh, that’s a sellout!’ You know what? F@#! you.”

George goes on to explain that he doesn’t “rape the budget of a movie” in order to get paid, adding, “I’ll go make money somewhere else. I’m interested in movies.”

Take that, handsome overseas coffee spokesman haters!

And just for kicks, John Malkovich gets in on the Nespresso act:

George Clooney Defends Being Called a Sellout [The Daily Beast]

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