Bride Celebrates Wedding At KFC — 2 Decades After Mom & Dad Did The Same At McDonald's

After getting hitched at the register office in the English city of Bristol on Saturday, a pair of newlyweds and their party of 30 strolled on over to KFC to chow down on various forms of fried food. But for the new bride, having her wedding reception at a fast food joint wasn’t just an inexpensive way to celebrate, it’s also a family tradition.

The value-menu celebration got its start back in 1989, when the bride’s cash-strapped parents also opted for a register’s office wedding followed by a McReception at the Golden Arches.

Explained the groom:

[The bride]’s mum and dad had their reception in McDonald’s and we jokingly said we’d go to Burger King. But we actually prefer KFC so went for that instead. It’s just something different and the manager at the restaurant was very happy for us to be there.

“Our wedding was certainly a day to remember,” recalls the father of the bride about his own very special day. “It was the late 80s and although I was working, I wasn’t paid that much… We walked from the old register office to McDonald’s and people were coming up congratulating us in the street. A group of Americans said ‘My God, we thought you English were so reserved.'”

Quoth mum, “It’s nice to carry on the tradition, seeing as we started one.”

It’s a shame the newlyweds don’t live in Hong Kong, where McDonald’s recently started offering $400 all-inclusive wedding and reception packages.

Of course, there is always Walmart, Taco Bell, or Home Depot. And if retail isn’t your thing, don’t forget about funeral homes.

Kentucky Bride Chicken as Bristol couple hold wedding reception at KFC []

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