Man Tries To Rob Burger King With A Sock

You know the economy is bad when crooks can’t even afford decent stick-up weapons. Police have arrested a man who tried to rob a Burger King, using a sock.

Key News reports the man entered a Burger King in Florida on Sunday at 8:20 pm wearing shorts and no shirt, already in violation of clearly stated policy.

He approached the cash register carrying a plastic bag in his right hand and sporting a brown sock on the other. The man tossed the bag to the manager and told him to fill it with cash. Underneath the brown sock on his hand, the man said, was a gun.

“Open the register and give me the (expletive) money… I got a gun or I’ll shoot you,” read the police report.

When the manager went to the back, the would-be robber fled, knocking over a cardboard display in the process.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s office is on the lookout for a white man between 5’8″ and 6′, between 35 and 45 with a stocky build, blue eyes, and one brown sock on his left hand. At the time, he also wore khaki shorts and sneakers. There was also a tshirt tied around his head.

This is only recession level crime. People can still afford socks. You’ll know it’s a full-on depression when someone tries to rob a Burger King by making a fist, sticking out their index finger, and cocking their thumb.

Frustrated would-be robber flees empty-handed [Key News] (Thanks to Simon!)

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