Why Was My McRib Served On A Round Hamburger Bun?

McRib fever is sweeping the nation. In the area in upstate New York where Harold lives, this situation has become desperate. His local McDonald’s is clearly so overwhelmed that they’ve run out of the proper-sized buns for the McRib and slapped his delicious meat log in a hamburger-sized bun.

He writes:

It’s McRib time again around here (upstate NY) and I had to get one (it’s been a long time and I don’t make a habit of eating drive-through before you think too poorly of me). I drove away but when I opened the box, i found the attached, far from its official portrait. Seems like they must have run out of the oblong buns and substituted a small hamburger bun, too small and flimsy for the contents. If they’d cut the meat in half and stacked it, it would have been a lot easier to eat in the car. You’d think they stock the same number of patties and buns.

Maybe Harold’s town is a test market for the new, experimental lower-carb McRib.

Except…wait a minute. This tableau looks familiar. Because it’s almost identical to a post from last year’s McRib season, from a reader who also received an insufficiently bunned McRib in Chicago.

Here’s that sandwich:

It’s one thing to sub in a different bun, but at least respect drive-thru customers who might have plans to eat their sandwiches in, well, their cars.

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