Thanks But No Thanks For The Raw McRib

You probably never wanted to see what the insides of a raw McDonald’s McRib sandwich looked like. Neither did Consumerist reader Russell, but he didn’t really have a say in the matter.

After ordering up two of the limited-time saucy sammies, Russell noticed something was amiss:

Halfway through the first one, I am saying to myself…’This is nothing like I remembered. They must have changed the recipe because the consistency of the patty is different?… That is when I realized I was served a RAW PORK PATTY…

I didn’t even know McDonald’s workers actually cooked things… more like heat them up…

The best part was the manager’s only attempt to remedy the situation was to serve me new ones… Oh, yeah like I wanted to eat more food from that kitchen.

Shouldn’t the manager have at least offered to refund the cost of the McRibs?

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