How Buying Grocery Items At A Drug Store Can Be A Bad Deal

Drug stores have been adding more and more food items to their shelves lately, but is it a good deal to get your mac and cheese from the same place you get your Advil? ConsumerWorld did a mystery shopping investigation to find out, and the results will give you a headache.

In their shopping spree,ConsumerWorld found that, for instance, a can of Maxwell House coffee was $6.99 at Walgreens, but only $3.49 at Market Basket. A pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream was $6.29 at CVS, $3.99 at Shop & Shop. And a box of Lipton tea bags was $5.19 at Rite Aid, but only $2.99 at Shaw’s.

“Drugstores are not doing shoppers any favors by carrying groceries at convenience store prices,” said ConsumerWorld’s Edgar Dworsky, “We are not talking about just a penny or two difference per item, but as much as a dollar or two in some cases.”

To make sure you’re paying the best price:

1. Comparison shop
2. Scope out the ads of both supermarkets and drugstores
3. Cherry-pick your best deals.
4. Profit!

Deal or No Deal: Buying Groceries at the Drugstore? (PDF) [ConsumerWorld]

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