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AMC Dipping Its Toes Into Virtual Waters With Plans For New VR Centers

While virtual reality gadgets can be entertaining, the fun is usually limited to one person at a time — not counting those who enjoy watching and laughing while you creep around the living room, groping the air). In an attempt to open up virtual reality to more people with new VR multiplexes offering an “immersive” experience. [More]

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What Will Whole Foods Be Like After Amazon Takes Over?

Now that Jeff Bezos has ordered himself a few billion dollars’ worth of groceries with the purchase of Whole Foods, everyone is wondering what Amazon will do with the 465 stores it will soon own. [More]

Spammers Using Pinterest Pics To Hide Scammy Links

Spammers Using Pinterest Pics To Hide Scammy Links

Through the evolution of e-mail, the Internet and social media, most of the rules for identifying spam remained the same. The text of a scam e-mail sent on old school AOL isn’t that different from the spam links posted today on Twitter or Facebook. But photo-based social sites like Pinterest are giving nogoodniks a less-familiar way to trick people into clicking. [More]