Make Your Own Captain America Shield At Home

Who needs to plunk down hard-earned cash for a cheap plastic Captain America shield for a Halloween costume? It’s probably going to break before the end of the night anyway. Instead, make your own at home!

Mlive rounded up five different ways to make a Captain America shield using stuff you might find around the house, garage, and neighborhood. They have instructions for making it out of a used satellite dish, a barbecue grill, a kitchen pot lid, and a steel saucer sled.

But my favorite one is the one made out of duct tape and cardboard, because that one actually flies!

Just print out the PDF and then get cracking with some flat pieces of thick double-ply cardboard, scissors and a glue gun. Don’t forget the iconic colors, those are created with red, white, and blue duct tape.

DIY Captain America on the cheap… save money on your Halloween costume and make a statement about our economic climate at the same time.

5 ways to make a Captain America shield using household items (with video) [Mlive]

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