Fake iPhone 5 Emails Bear Malware

On the cusp of a big Apple event today where a new iPhone is expected to be announced, fake emails are going around purporting to give details of “the new Apple iPhone5GS,” featuring a see-through keyboard. Clicking on the links leads to a malware-laced website that targets PCs. Here’s the email and what to look out for.

The email has the subject line “Phone 5G S has been released” and pretends to be from news@apple.com. The email attempts to copy the look and feel of an Apple message.

Journalist Abram Wagenaar got one of the emails and tweeted a screencap, shown above.

Security firm Sophos says that if you click on the links you’ll get taken to a site infected with Windows malware, one they’ve identified as Mal/Zapchas-A. The hackers seemed to have ignored Mac users in this instance.

Scammers are always looking for ways to grab onto topical events as vectors for their schemes, and this one is no different. In fact, it’s pretty similar to a previous iPhone5 email attack during WWDC this year. It’s also interesting how they would use the whole photoshopped “see-through screen” meme to make a hoax others might pass around.

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