Commence Squeals Of Glee: Apple To Finally Reveal iPhone 5 Oct. 4

Be still, beating hearts, the anticipation is finally (officially, and sort of) over! Apple confirmed Tuesday that on Oct. 4, they’ll whip back the curtain and reveal the iPhone 5.

Al Gore let a hint drop that Apple would be showing off in October, but with the press event at the company’s Cupertino, Calif. headquarters, now Apple lovers can schedule an end to the 15-month torture of not being able to upgrade to a newer iPhone.

Yes, that was meant sarcastically and aimed at those newstuffophiles out there, but as CNN points out, this has been the longest interval between iPhone models since it came out in 2007.

While Apple hasn’t revealed any details of the iPhone 5, blogs have been busying themselves with speculation over a better camera, improved battery life and even a model for Sprint users.

Other stuff like an iPod Touch update might also be announced, but really, the iPhone 5 is the highly-coveted, pretty, sparkly oh-so-new star in everyone’s eyes.

Apple to unveil new iPhone on Oct. 4 [CNN]

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