OXO Saves Day, And Possibly A Finger

A few weeks ago reader Elizabeth bought a discount “as is” mandoline slice from Bed Bath and Beyond. It didn’t have the food holder so she bought some cutting gloves from Amazon, which fit her, but not her husband. In vain, she searched for the replacement parts online. So she sent OXO an email asking if she could buy one directly. She was pleasantly surprised by their reply.

“They sent a free food holder and even covered the shipping cost!” writes Elizabeth. “It means so much because my husband kept using his bare hands to slice veggies and cheese. It was only a matter of time before he cut himself.”

She added, “I will continue to buy products from OXO Good Grips and enjoy knowing that they have such great customer care.”

Nice! Now it’s time to whip up some victory hashbrowns!

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