Taco Truck Stuck In Traffic For Hours Does Everyone A Favor By Opening For Lunch

Image courtesy of bnilsen

Being stuck in traffic for hours on end? Awful. Being stuck in traffic for hours on end with some tacos? Not so bad at all.

While drivers on I-5 in Washington were stuck in traffic for hours after a truck filled with propane tipped over, the operators of one taco truck saw an opportunity to set up shop, selling much-needed food to stranded commuters, reports The Seattle Times.

Motorists caught in a standstill on Monday included three employees driving a taco truck to serve lunch in a Seattle neighborhood. Their original plans put on hold indefinitely, the workers decided to open the truck for lunch anyway, right where they were.

“We are ready to serve food, everywhere,” the truck’s owner told the Times.

It’s a good thing, too, as there were plenty of customers ready to chow down in the middle of the traffic jam.

“I got out and was walking around, and I see this lady walking back to her car with a to-go box,” one driver, who was stuck for three hours during the closure, told the Times. She went exploring and found the taco truck open for business, so she figured she’d make the best of it, ordered food for herself and her husband, and went back to wait.

It sounds like a little food can go a long way in these trying situations: She says that despite missing a doctor’s appointment and her afternoon work shift, she wasn’t frustrated by the experience, noting that in this kind of situation, “You got to make the best of it, right?”

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