Do Not Copy Hike From "127 Hours"

People need to stop trying things that they learn in movies. Already this month we’ve seen people get in trouble while copying the antics in Weekend at Bernie’s and Wedding Crashers, and now a guy broke his leg and had to wait four days to be rescued while trying to complete the hike from 127 Hours.

According to the AP, the 64-year-old solo hiker from North Carolina fell 10 feet in Utah’s Little Blue John Canyon, dislocating his shoulder and breaking his leg. A ranger called the search “quick and dirty” once they discovered the man’s car and got the idea of his hiking route.

The man was attempting to replicate the hike made by the subject of the movie in 2003, who ended up cutting off his own arm before he was eventually rescued.

Man with broken leg survives 4 days in Utah desert [AP via Huffington Post]

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